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InfoCatalog #Description Overall Diameter (inches)BrandTL/TTPly Rating / Load
info6RT319ST205/75R15 D RADIAL ST II TL27.1-TLD
info41M3886.70-15SL 6 I1 DURA LIFE SG TL28.3TitanTL6
info3SM319GY11L-15SL 10 I1 SMOOTH IMP TL30.3GoodyearTL10
info6RT352ST215/75R14 C RADIAL ST II TL26.6-TLC
info41M39T26x9.50-15 4 I1 PACKR W/SG27.1TitanTL4
info49U3D110-16.5NHS 8 ULT TL30.1TitanTL8
info4HS38311L-15FI C Farm Hwy Serv TL31.15GoodyearTLC
info46631811L-15SL 8 F2M TRUTRAC MRIB TL31.8TitanTL8
info4663837.50-16 6 F2M TTR M RIB TL31.3TitanTL6
info44R283GY7.50-16SL 6 Four Rib TT31.8GoodyearTT6
info42P651GY8.3-16 6 GY Power Torque TL31.5GoodyearTL6
info4622816.50-16SL 6 F2 TRU TRAC TT29.8TitanTT6
info4623816.50-16SL 6 F2 TRU TRAC TL29.8TitanTL6
info4623756.00-16SL 6 F2 TRU TRAC TL29TitanTL6
info4623345.00-15SL 6 F2 TRU TRAC TL26TitanTL6
infoTRR335GY5.00-15 4 TriRib RS TL26.1GoodyearTL4
infoSRT274GY6.00-16SL 4 Single Rib TT29.7GoodyearTT4
info4612334.00-19SL 4 F2 TRU TRAC TT28.8TitanTT4
info4748L529x12.50-15 8 MULTI TRAC CS TL29.1TitanTL8
info4T1353GY5.90-15SL 4 Tract Type Imp TL26.7GoodyearTL4
info4AT3B27.5-16 4 ALL TRACTION TT31.2GoodyearTT4
infoXTR3A831x15.50-15NHS 8 Xtra Trac TL31.2GoodyearTL8
info4GL3D110-16.5NHS 8 Sure Grip Lug TL30.4GoodyearTL8
info4623907.5L-15SL 6 F2 TRU TRAC TL29.3TitanTL6
info4622837.50-16SL 6 F2 TRU TRAC TT31.6TitanTT6
info4623837.50-16SL 6 F2 TRU TRAC TL31.6TitanTL6
info4622847.50-16SL 8 F2 TRU TRAC TT31.6TitanTT8
info4622449.5L-15SL 8 F2 TRU TR TT31.5TitanTT8
infoTRD244GY9.5L-15SL 8 Triple Rib HD TT30.7GoodyearTT8
infoXTR39631x15.50-15NHS 4 Xtra Trac TL31.2GoodyearTL4
infoHS238311L-15FI C Frm Hwy Srv II TL31.15GoodyearTLC
infoHS239211L-15FI F Farm Hwy Serv II TL30.6GoodyearTLF
infoSBG31511L-15SL 18 I1 STBL GRD TL30.3TitanTL18
infoSBG3D99.5L-15SL 16 I1 STBL GRD TL30.4TitanTL16
infoSBG32712.5-15SL 20 I1 STBL GRD TL31.8TitanTL20
info45X3U0TTFAT27x11-12 6 589 MT TL27.5TitanTL6
infoHS238611L-15FI D Frm Hwy Srv II TL31.1GoodyearTLD
info4FU3367.60-15SL 6 Farm Util TL29.3GoodyearTL6
info4SR3A4GY31X15.50-15NHS 8 SOFTRAC TL31.2GoodyearTL8
infoG9E3D110-19.5 8PR HD2000II TL30.6TitanTL8
info4233A431x15.50-15 8 TRU POWER II TL31.9TitanTL8
info4FU3D7GY9.5L-15SL 12 Farm Util TL29.8GoodyearTL12
info49E3L931x15.50-16.5 12 HD2000 II TL31TitanTL12
info48D0678-16 10 R1 HI TRAC LUG TL31.8TitanTL10
info48D0667-16 10 R1 HI TRAC LUG TL29.8TitanTL10
info48D8657-14 8 R1 HI TRAC LUG TL27.5TitanTL8
info42P833GY7.2-16 8 GY Power Torque TL29.5GoodyearTL8
info41H3D013.50-15FI D HWY IMPLEMENT TL31.8TitanTLD
info4HS39211L-15FI F Farm Hwy Serv TL31.15GoodyearTLF
info4FL344GY9.5L-15SL 8 Farm Util BLT TL29.8GoodyearTL8
info4FL31711L-15SL 12 Farm Util BLT TL30.3GoodyearTL12
info4AW8959.5-16 8 All Weather TL31.9GoodyearTL8
info4183886.70-15SL 6 I1 DURA LIFE TL28.3TitanTL6
infoTRD2756.00-16SL 6 Triple Rib HD TT28.8GoodyearTT6
info4GL33927x8.50-15 6 SUREGRIP LUG TL27.2GoodyearTL6
info4TG338GY7.60-15SL 10 SureGrip Trac TL29.6GoodyearTL10
info4TG336GY7.60-15SL 6 SureGrip Trac TL29.6GoodyearTL6
info4LT315GY11L-16SL 10 Laborer TL31.8GoodyearTL10
info4LT317GY11L-16SL 12 Laborer TL31.8GoodyearTL12
info4122N727x12.50-15 4 TRAC LOADER TL28.2TitanTL4
info6RT090ST235/80R16 E RADIAL ST II TL30.8-TLE
info6RT348ST225/75R15 E RADIAL ST II TL28.5-TLE
info6RT346ST225/75R15 C RADIAL ST II TL28.5-TLC
info6RT347ST225/75R15 D RADIAL ST II TL28.5-TLD
info6RT357ST205/75R14 C RADIAL ST II TL26.1-TLC
info45X3P6AT26x9-12 6 AT589 M/T TL26.3TitanTL6
info4103D79.5L-15SL 12 I1 HI FLO TL30.2TitanTL12
info454216F29x8-15NHS 12 IND DEEP TR TT+F29.2TitanTT12
info454212F7.00-12NHS 12 IND DEEP TR TT+F27.4TitanTT12
info3SC3A2GY8.5/90x15K 6 Compactor TL
Tire rims for these tires are not interchangeable. The 15K tire will only fit on a 5 ° drop center rim. The NHS tire is designed to fit on a 5 ° flat base rim. The 8.5.90-15K size designation was established to advise of this distinction.
info3GR3A28.5/90x15-6 RD RLR SMTH II TL
Tire rims for these tires are not interchangeable. The 15K tire will only fit on a 5 ° drop center rim. The NHS tire is designed to fit on a 5 ° flat base rim. The 8.5.90-15K size designation was established to advise of this distinction.
info3GR2E1F7.50X15-14 RD RLR SMTH II TT+F
Tire rims for these tires are not interchangeable. The 15K tire will only fit on a 5 ° drop center rim. The NHS tire is designed to fit on a 5 ° flat base rim. The 8.5.90-15K size designation was established to advise of this distinction.
info3GR252F7.50X15-12 ROAD ROLLER II TT+F
Tire rims for these tires are not interchangeable. The 15K tire will only fit on a 5 ° drop center rim. The NHS tire is designed to fit on a 5 ° flat base rim. The 8.5.90-15K size designation was established to advise of this distinction.
info3GR256F7.50X15-6 RD RLR SMTH II TT+F
Tire rims for these tires are not interchangeable. The 15K tire will only fit on a 5 ° drop center rim. The NHS tire is designed to fit on a 5 ° flat base rim. The 8.5.90-15K size designation was established to advise of this distinction.
info4SR35B31x15.50-15NHS 4 SofTrac TL31.2GoodyearTL4
info4SR34A31x13.50-15NHS 4 SofTrac TL30.8GoodyearTL4
info4SR34B31x12.50-15NHS 4 SofTrac TL31.2GoodyearTL4
info4SR3L529x12.50-15NHS 4 SofTrac TL29.2GoodyearTL4
info4743L529x12.50-15 4 MULTI TRAC CS TL29.5TitanTL4
info4743D429x12.50-15 6 MULTI TRAC CS TL29.5TitanTL6
info4303M727x12LL-15NHS 6 SOFT TURF TL27.5TitanTL6
info4SR3H627x10.50-15NHS 4 SofTrac TL27.2GoodyearTL4
info4743H627x10.50-15 4 MULTI TRAC CS TL26.9TitanTL4
info4743E027x10.50-15 10 MULTI TR C/S TL27.8TitanTL10
info4SR348GY27x8.50-15NHS 4 SofTrac TL26.6GoodyearTL4
info47435828x8.50-15 4 MULTI TRAC C/S TL27.6TitanTL4
info47434827x8.50-15 4 MULTI TRAC C/S TL26.9TitanTL4
info47435627x8.50-15 6 MULTI TRAC C/S TL27.5TitanTL6
info41H3F013.50-15FI F HWY IMPLEMENT TL31.8TitanTLF
info41H3K013.50-15FI E HWY IMPLEMENT TL31.8TitanTLE
info41H38213.50-15FI C HWY IMPLEMENT TL31.8TitanTLC
info4HS38611L-15FI D Farm Hwy Serv TL30.3GoodyearTLD
info41H39211L-15FI F HWY IMPLEMENT TL31.1TitanTLF
info41H38611L-15FI D HWY IMPLMNT TL31.1TitanTLD
info41H38311L-15FI C HWY IMPLEMENT TL31.1TitanTLC
info4HS3139.5L-15FI D Farm Hwy Serv TL30.1GoodyearTLD
info41H3A39.5L-15FI F HWY IMPLEMENT TL30.2TitanTLF
info41H3139.5L-15FI D HWY IMPLEMENT TL30.2TitanTLD
info4323L831x15.50-15NHS 8 IT323 TL31.5GoodyearTL8
info49E3L831x15.50-16.5 8 HD2000 II TL31TitanTL8
info43938130.5x12.5-16.5 8 HD2000 TL30.8TitanTL8
info4GL3H727x10.50-15NHS 6 SrGrip Lug TL27.2GoodyearTL6
info4323H727x10.50-15NHS 6 IT323 TL27.2GoodyearTL6
info43937827x10.50-15NHS 8 HD2000 TL27.1TitanTL8
info4123H727x10.50-15NHS 6 TRACLOADER TL27.5TitanTL6
infoG9A3D1LSW265-521 10 LSW G9A NHS TL30.6TitanTL10
info4GL3C810-16.5NHS 6 SureGrip Lug TL30.4GoodyearTL6
info4323D1GY10-16.5NHS 8 IT323 TL30.6GoodyearTL8
info43H3R810-16.5NHS 10 HE TL30.6TitanTL10
info49E3D110-16.5 8 HD2000 II TL30.3TitanTL8
info49E3D1TYL10-16.5 8 HD2000 II TL+TYRLNR30.3TitanTL8
info4393D1TYL10-16.5 8 HD2000 TL+TYRLYNER30.6TitanTL8
info4393D110-16.5NHS 8 HD2000 TL30.6TitanTL8
info4123C810-16.5NHS 6 TRAC LOADER TL30.8TitanTL6
info4123D110-16.5NHS 8 TRAC LOADER TL30.8TitanTL8
info43233927x8.50-15NHS 6 IT323 TL27.2GoodyearTL6
info43937727x8.50-15NHS 8 HD2000 TL26.8TitanTL8
info4123R328x8.50-15NHS 6 TRAC LOADER TL28TitanTL6
info41233927x8.50-15 6 TRAC LOADER TL27TitanTL6
info4123C627x8.50-15NHS 4 TRAC LOADER TL27TitanTL4
info4123C57.00-15SS 6 TRAC LDR CHEV TL29.9TitanTL6
infoSTG36126x12.00-12 4 Spr TerraGrip TL26.2GoodyearTL4
info45X361TTFAT26x12-12 6 AT589 M/T TL26.3TitanTL6
info4FU2367.60-15SL 6 Farm Util TT29.3GoodyearTT6
infoSTGD2029x12.50-15NHS 8 Spr TerGrp TL29.3GoodyearTL8
infoTR4597GY31x13.50-15NHS 12 TerraRib TL32GoodyearTL12
info4PD2676.70-15 4 PNEUMATIC DRIVE TT28.2GoodyearTT4
info4TG3B27.50-16SL 4 SureGrip Trac TL31.5GoodyearTL4
info4TG2676.70-15SL 4 SureGrip Trac TT28.8GoodyearTT4
info41L35312.5L-16SL 14 I1 HI FLOTATN TL31.9TitanTL14
info4FU324GY11L-16SL 10 Farm Util TL31.1GoodyearTL10
info4FU31711L-15SL 12 Farm Util TL30.3GoodyearTL12
info4FU31911L-15SL 10 Farm Util TL30.3GoodyearTL10
info4FU31811L-15SL 8 Farm Util TL30.3GoodyearTL8
info41L31511L-15SL 18 I1 STUBBLE TL31TitanTL18
info41L31711L-15SL 12 I1 HI FLOTATN31TitanTL12
info41031711L-15SL 12 I1 HI FLOTATION TL31TitanTL12
info41031911L-15SL 10 I1 HI FLOTATION TL31TitanTL10
info41L31811L-15SL 8 I1 STUBBLE TL31TitanTL8
info41031811L-15SL 8 I1 HI FLOTATION TL31TitanTL8
info41031411L-15SL 6 I1 HI FLOTATION31TitanTL6
info4FU391GY11L-14SL 8 Farm Util TL29.6GoodyearTL8
info41036411L-14SL 6 I1 HI FLOTATION TL30TitanTL6
info4FU344GY9.5L-15SL 8 Farm Util TL29.8GoodyearTL8
info4103449.5L-15SL 8 I1 HI FLOTATION TL30.2TitanTL8
info4103439.5L-15SL 6 I1 HI FLO TL30.2TitanTL6
info4FU398GY9.5L-14SL 6 Farm Util TL28.6GoodyearTL6
info4103999.5L-14SL 8 I1 HI FLOTATION TL29.2TitanTL8
info4103989.5L-14SL 6 I1 HI FLOTATION TL29.2TitanTL6
info4FU389GY8.5L-14SL 6 Farm Util TL28.1GoodyearTL6
info4103898.5L-14SL 6 I1 HI FLOTATION TL28.6TitanTL6
info41M32T26x7.75-15 4 I1 PACKR W/SG26.4TitanTL4
info4183367.60-15SL 6 I1 DURA LIFE TL28.5TitanTL6
info4183377.60-15SL 8 I1 DURA LIFE TL28.5TitanTL8
info4RB3927.50-16SL 10 Rib Imp TL31.2GoodyearTL10
info4183847.5-16SL 8 I1 DURA LIFE TL31TitanTL8
info4FU382GY7.50-14SL 4 Farm Util TL27GoodyearTL4
info4RB3886.70-15SL 6 Rib Imp TL28.2GoodyearTL6
info4183676.70-15SL 4 I1 DURA LIFE TL28.3TitanTL4
info41M35526x6.50-15 4 I1 PACKER TL26.4TitanTL4
info4RB3816.50-16SL 6 Rib Imp TL28.9GoodyearTL6
info4183816.50-16SL 6 I1 DURA LIFE TL28.7TitanTL6
info4RB3266.00-16SL 6 Rib Imp TL28.4GoodyearTL6
info4RB3535.90-15SL 4 RIB IMP TL26.2GoodyearTL4
info41M3535.90-15SL 4 I1 DURA LIFE SG TL26.6TitanTL4
info4183535.90-15SL 4 I1 DURA LIFE TL26.6TitanTL4
info4RB2624.00-18SL 4 Rib Imp TT26.7GoodyearTT4
infoSTG3A431x15.50-15NHS 8 Spr TerGrp TL31.5GoodyearTL8
infoSTG33131x15.50-15NHS 4 Spr TerGrp TL31.5GoodyearTL4
infoSTGC2029x12.50-15NHS 6 Spr TerGrp TL28.8GoodyearTL6
infoSTGB2029x12.50-15NHS 4 Spr TerGrp TL29.2GoodyearTL4
infoTR4397GY31x13.50-15NHS 8 TerraRib TL32GoodyearTL8
info41N3U931x13.50-15 14 HF1 STUBBLE31.8TitanTL14
info41N30731x13.50-15 10 HF1 F TR RIB TL31.8TitanTL10
info41F39731x13.50-15 8 HF1 F TRC RIB TL31.8TitanTL8
info41N39731x13.50-15 8 HF1 FT RIB TL31.8TitanTL8
infoTR430627x9.50-15 10 TerraRib TL27.5GoodyearTL10
info41F39631x13.50-15 6 HF1 F TRC RIB TL31.8TitanTL6
infoTR439527x9.50-15 6 TerraRib TL27.5GoodyearTL6
info41F30627x9.50-15 8 HF1 F TRAC RIB TL26.7TitanTL8
info41F39527x9.50-15 6 HF1 F TRAC RIB TL26.7TitanTL6
info46531811L-15SL 8 F3 CONTRACTOR TL31.3TitanTL8
info46531011L-15SL 10 F3 CONTRACTOR TL31.3TitanTL10
info4LT318GY11L-15SL 8 Laborer TL30.8GoodyearTL8
info4LT310GY11L-15SL 10 Laborer TL30.8GoodyearTL10
info4MR2T89.00-10NHS 10 MultiRib TT26GoodyearTT10
info4663439.5L-15SL 6 TRU TRAC M RIB TL31.5TitanTL6
info4622395.50-16SL 6 F2 TRU TRAC TT27.9TitanTT6
info4623385.50-16SL 4 F2 TRU TRAC TL27.9TitanTL4
info4A74959.5-16 4 All Weather TT31.9GoodyearTT4
info48D6667-16 6 R1 HI TRAC LUG TL29.8TitanTL6
info4DQ666GY7-16 6 Dura Torque TL29.1GoodyearTL6
info48D6678-16 6 R1 HI TRAC LUG TL31.1TitanTL6
info4DQ667GY8-16 6 Dura Torque TL31.3GoodyearTL6
info48D6657-14 6 R1 HI TRAC LUG TL27.5TitanTL6
info4DQ665GY7-14 6 Dura Torque TL27.1GoodyearTL6
info4FU3377.60-15SL 8 Farm Util TL29.3GoodyearTL8
info45X35ATTFAT28x11-12 6 589 MT TL28.2TitanTL6
infoAMR3X0AT26x12-10 3* Tracker MdRnr TL26.4GoodyearTL3*
infoAMR3P6AT26x9-12 3* Tracker MudRnr TL26GoodyearTL3*
infoAMR361AT26x12-12 3* Tracker MdRnr TL26.5GoodyearTL3*
infoARG3P6AT26x9-12 3* Rawhide Grip TL26GoodyearTL3*
infoARG3U6AT26x11-12 3* Rawhide Grip TL26.2GoodyearTL3*
infoAMR3T0AT27x9-12 3* Mud Runner TL27GoodyearTL3*
infoAMR3Q9AT27x12-12 3* Mud Runner TL27GoodyearTL3*
info47407125x8.50-14 10 MULTI TRAC C/S26TitanTL10
info4MM37ATTFAT30x10R14 6PR MUD MONSTER TL29.7GoodyearTL6
infoARG3D6TTFAT26x9-14 3* Rawhide Grip TL26.5GoodyearTL3*
info33B856TTF26x10.00-14NHS 8PR T-HAWK TL26TitanTL8
infoARG3U7TTFAT26x11-14 3* Rawhide Grip TL26.5GoodyearTL3*
info45X3T0TTFAT27x9-12 3* 589 MT TL27.4TitanTL3*
info45X34NTTFAT28x9-12 6 589 MT TL28TitanTL6

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